Two tips to follow when having air conditioning installed in your cafe

Posted on: 6 October 2022

Here are a couple of tips to follow if you've booked an HVAC contractor to install a commercial air conditioning system in your cafe.

Try to select air vent locations that will not cause cold air to be blown directly toward the tables or coffee-making station

Your HVAC contractor will probably need to install several vents around the cafe and you may be able to select some or all of the locations for these vents. If you have this option, you should try to have them placed in areas that will not lead to the cold air they produce being blown directly towards your customers' tables or over the coffee-making station.

The former could result in some customers getting uncomfortably chilly (due to the fact that the commercial HVAC system will keep the room temperature in your cafe fairly low, and this low temperature combined with a direct, chilly 'breeze' from a vent could lead to customers having to keep their coats on whilst they're on the premises). The latter could lead to the hot coffees your staff prepare cooling down too quickly, and being lukewarm when the customers receive them. As such, where possible, you should ensure these vents are positioned in areas where the air they produce won't make your customers or their coffees too cold.

Invest in more vents for your cafe's kitchen area

Even if your cafe's seating area is similar in size to its kitchen, you may need to have the HVAC contractor add more vents to the latter than to the former. The reason for this is that in your kitchen, you probably have several commercial-sized appliances that produce heat, including an oven, a microwave, a stovetop and a toaster.

The use of these appliances throughout the day will make the kitchen particularly warm during periods of hot weather. This, coupled with the fact that your staff will be constantly on the move and will probably feel quite warm as a result of rushing around, means that this part of the premises will require more vents to keep it cool enough for your employees than the main seating area in your cafe will need. Purchasing and having extra vents fitted in this area will make the total cost of your new air conditioning system higher; however, it will almost certainly have a very positive impact on your staff's energy and comfort levels whilst they're working on the premises and will enable them to be at their most productive each day. 

For more information about commercial air conditioning, contact a local company.