Checkpoints for Buying Industrial Used Boiler Systems for Your Warehouse

Posted on: 26 October 2021

If you have recently taken over as a manager or owner of an industrial complex, boiler systems are likely on your list for equipment needs. You may have a few boilers already in place, but more may be required for your particular industry. If this is the case, one of your options is to buy a used industrial boiler system. If you are strongly considering this as an option, here are a few checkpoints you should evaluate of your system options.

Refurbished Models

One of the first checkpoints you need to make when you are buying used industrial boiler systems is if it is refurbished. There are two types of refurbished options available on appliances and equipment. The first is manufacturer refurbished. This means the boiler went back to the manufacturer or to a certified manufacturer repair technician and was refurbished to the manufacturer's standards. The second is seller refurbished. The seller rebuilds and repairs the boiler system themselves and is usually done by an HVAC professional with a private repair and sales business. 

Refurbished models offer you the chance to purchase a used industrial boiler that is rebuilt and checked to be in working order. They also come with a certificate or stamp of refurbishment with the date it was last checked and notation of the system being refurbished. 


There are several reasons you should check for a warranty when you buy used industrial boiler systems. The first deals with the working parts of the boiler. A warranty will likely cover the parts of the boiler for normal breakdown and replacement. When you make sure there is a warranty, you are making sure you have a way to cover sudden replacements and damage that can occur in an industrial environment. When you confirm there is a warranty, also confirm what it covers, what kind of damage, and the financial coverage. 

Parts and Repairs

There are many used industrial boilers ranging in age from a few years to a few decades old. Some of the companies that made used boilers may no longer be in business. Others may have upgraded their parts to reflect new materials or building requirements. When you are choosing a used industrial boiler, check how difficult it is to find parts and repairs. This can be vital to determining how difficult it may be to find the part and make the repair you need to keep working. 

When you are ready to purchase your industrial used boiler system, contact your local HVAC dealer and repair technician. They may have boilers in stock that are already checked and marked as refurbished. These options will likely come with a limited warranty. Your HVAC contractor can help you with these items and with implementing a routine maintenance plan for your current boiler systems.