Fantastic Reasons to Install a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner in Your Home

Posted on: 24 June 2020

Maintaining the desired room temperature is essential for maximising indoor comfort at home. If you live in an area that experiences both hot and cold spells during the year, you can benefit from the installation of a reverse cycle air conditioner. On sweltering hot days, this air conditioner blows cool air to keep you cool throughout the day. When chilly temperatures set in, it delivers warm air to make you cosy.

Compared to cooling-only air conditioners, which have to be used in combination with separate heating equipment, reverse cycle air conditioners deliver the following advantages.

They Help Avoid Prolonged AC Downtime

Like other machines, air conditioners need to be shut down regularly to allow for inspection and maintenance. Regular AC maintenance helps check for problems that may lead to sudden failure of equipment but also extends the lifespan of the equipment. 

During wintertime, however, cooling-only air conditioners may have to be shut down completely to pave way for the operation of heating units like heat pumps. During this time, the cooling equipment can develop problems from prolonged downtime and potential neglect. 

Installing a reverse cycle air conditioner is a fantastic way to enjoy year-round heating and cooling service from your HVAC equipment, thus minimising the chances of problems resulting from the equipment being off and neglected for months.

They Help Save Money 

Installing and running HVAC equipment costs money. Each piece of equipment added to your residential HVAC system will increase the cost of HVAC system installation and operation.

By opting to install a reverse cycle air conditioner, you can avoid the additional expenses required to install and operate a separate heating unit. Once your air conditioner has been installed, you won't have to fork out for heating installation. 

Also, you won't have to spend time and money maintaining two separate HVAC units. 

They Help Save Space

If you have a small home, space becomes a precious commodity. If you'll require both heating and cooling services to maximise indoor comfort throughout the year, it makes good sense to install a reverse cycle air conditioner. 

Installing this type of air conditioner will eliminate the need to have two HVAC units in your home, thus saving space.

Consult a residential HVAC contractor if you'd like to know whether or not a reverse cycle air conditioner is right for you. They'll assess your heating and cooling needs and tell you if such an air conditioning system suits your needs.

Contact a local reverse cycle heating and cooling service to learn more.