Simple Maintenance Tips for a More Efficient Air Conditioning System

Posted on: 5 December 2019

Your home's air conditioning unit could perform much better, and for longer periods of time without the need for expensive repairs. In doing so, the unit will also save you significant sums of money. All you need to do is perform simple, do-it-yourself air conditioning checks regularly to ensure the unit continues to run at an optimum level. Among the most essential air conditioning maintenance checks to perform, here are four you should always carry out:

Check for Debris

Over prolonged usage, it is common for an AC unit to pick up debris in its interior. Such dirt must be cleared to ensure smooth, uninterrupted flows of fresh air. The good news is that you can do the task yourself by using a wrench or screwdriver. Remove the fasteners, lift the grill fan away and clear the interior either by hand or by using a vacuum cleaner.

Clean out the Fins

Dirty fins can also interrupt the efficient flow of air, hot or cold, and hamper the working of the AC. Cleaning them should thus be a priority, especially at the onset of summer, for there's little air conditioning done in the previous months and significant downtime by the unit. So, to do it yourself, start by removing the outer covers. Then, use a soft brush to remove all the dirt on the covers. Next, use your garden hose to set up a gentle stream with which you'll spray the inside dirt away.

Ensure the Unit Is Levelled

Prolonged usage of any air conditioner tends to leave the condenser tipped and unlevel. As a result, there is usually some misdirected air from the unit, as well as lost energy. So, check and confirm that the unit is level. If not, help restore its position using rot-resistant shims. There's an exception to the rule, though: If your AC comes with a heat pump, it might be OK to leave the unit slightly tipped as it will help defrost your home's foundation.

 Clear the Surrounding Area

A basic task, yes, but essential. So, clear the area surrounding the condenser of all leaves and twigs. Doing so will ensure the air conditioner remains clean for longer, and that there's proper airflow all around the unit. Over the winter, when not in use, cover the condenser with plastic or plywood as it will protect it from falling debris.

With these simple air conditioning maintenance tips, your unit is bound to last and operate optimally and efficiently for years to come. So, plan your next maintenance project, and the benefits shall start accruing. To learn more, contact a heating and cooling service today.