Is Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning A Must-Have For Your Household?

Posted on: 9 January 2019

One of the biggest perks Australia has to offer is its climatic conditions. The summers tend to be slightly longer than summers across the rest of world, and the winters are usually relatively mild. Nonetheless, there are several months of the year when the chill seems to penetrate your bones! Thus, while cooling is essential for every Aussie homeowner, so should heating be a priority for your home. As a result, some people end up purchasing both a heating and a cooling system for their home -- but have you heard of reverse cycle technology? Reverse cycle heating and cooling systems function to keep your home warm when the winter months come about and cool during the sweltering heat of the summer. Here are just a few of the reasons why a reverse cycle air conditioning system is a must-have for your household.

Two features for the price of one

One of the primary benefits of choosing reverse cycle heating and cooling for your home is you are purchasing two systems for the price of one. As aforementioned, a good number of Australians tend to buy either a single cooling system or a supplementary heating system. With a reverse cycle air conditioning system, you gain the flexibility to change the settings of the unit as per your immediate needs.

Enhanced flexibility for easy adaptability

Another reason why you should choose reverse cycle heating and cooling for your home is the efficiency it offers with its hassle-free adaptability. Two types of technological features help with this flexibility. First, reverse cycle air conditioning systems are fitted with a thermostat, which allows you to change the temperature settings easily. Second, reverse cycle heating and cooling systems come with inverter technology. This inverter technology functions similar to a vehicle's accelerator by automatically adjusting the power of the AC system to provide you with immediate temperature changes as you need them. Furthermore, the inverter technology also helps with maintaining the temperature, so you do not experience cold spots or fluctuations when your AC system is in use.

Increased air purification

Air purification is something all homeowners should want for their residence. Depending on the type of reverse cycle heating and cooling system you choose, you can enjoy air purification as one of the features in your unit! Some reverse cycle air conditioning units that help purify the air are fitted with inbuilt filters that function to trap all airborne debris when the air is circulated through the system. Depending on the model you choose, you can enjoy additional features such as annihilation of pathogens and deodorising of the air!