Save Money on Your Split System Air Conditioning

Posted on: 19 September 2018

Split system air conditioning is a common way to keep your house cool during the warmest months of the year. If you're thinking of getting a split system air conditioning installed in your home, there are some things you should consider to make sure you get the most out of your air conditioner to the lowest price possible. 

Choose an air conditioner for the space it's being used for

When installing an air conditioner, you should consider the space you have available for it. If you are only looking to heat up one room in your house, a small air conditioner is all you need. If you choose a small air conditioner for a large space, however, this will be cheaper initially as the cost for buying it is not as much as for a large air conditioner, but it will cost you more in running costs. This is because the small air conditioner will strain to keep a certain temperature in the room that it's really too small for.

Closeness to ventilation makes it unnecessary

As a split system air conditioner essentially sucks the heat out of the air already in your room and makes it circulate back when it has been cooled down, you also need to make sure that you don't place it close to an already existing ventilation. This will render the air conditioner less effective and cost you money by being rather excessive for the space where it's placed. Consider placing it in the opposite end of the room. The ventilation will in that case only help the air conditioner to save energy by not having to run at full speed all of the time.

Change or clean the filters

When you've got the split air conditioning installed, you should make sure to maintain it properly to keep it running for longer. Change filters often, as clogged filters can cause the air conditioner to use more energy for less effective work. Changing filters monthly is a good idea to make sure you're always operating with a clean filter. If you have a model with a reusable filter, you should make sure to clean it as often as you would change filters with a different machine.

Check for cracks to preserve insulation

You should also search the pipes to your air conditioner for cracks regularly. If a pipe gets cracked, this could affect the quality of the insulation in the pipe and lessen the effect of your air conditioner. When installing the air conditioner, you should ask if the contractor offers to change the insulation as a part of the warranty after the installment, as this could be complicated to perform on your own. You can prevent having to change insulation affected by moisture leaking in through the tube by filling all the cracks that you find in the piping system of your air conditioner.