Why Your Evaporative Cooler Has No Air Flow

Posted on: 5 March 2018

Evaporative coolers have become really popular in HVAC because of their low cost and effectiveness. The best thing about these coolers is that unlike the other HVAC systems, they almost never break down. Homeowners who switch to these systems also realise that they are able to save more on energy bills because the cooler contains fewer electric components and uses a very basic concept to keep the house at the ideal temperature. However, even with the best maintenance, there are times when these units fail. One of the common issues with evaporative cooling systems is lack of air flow, which can be caused by a number of things.

A blown fuse

Evaporative coolers rarely stop working as a result of mechanical problems within the units. Many of the times, it happens because of an external problem. For instance, if there is a power surge when the unit is on, the electrical fuse may blow, after which the unit will stop working. Before diagnosing the unit for problems, look at the electrical fuses and make sure they are all working properly. A simple replacement of the fuse might help the unit resume its normal function.

Faulty wiring

Another common source of problems with an evaporative cooling system is when the wiring is faulty. If you have already replaced the fuse and checked whether the circuit breaker tripped, yet the unit still doesn't work, it is time to start inspecting the wires feeding the unit. The wires should be intact, flexible and clean. If they are stiff and discoloured, you may have to replace them with newer and more efficient ones.

Problems with the thermostat

All evaporative coolers have an in-built thermostat. When you turn on the cooler, you get to select the temperature which you want. The cooler works until the desired temperature is reached, and then it shuts down. When the temperature goes up again, the cooler will restart. When the thermostat is not working as it should, you will keep getting the notification that your desired temperature has been met, even when the room is still stuffy. When in doubt about replacing the thermostat, make sure that you involve a technician in the process.

Those are the three common issues which could be leading to lack of air flow in an evaporative cooler. It is recommended that you take time and inspect these external elements which interact with your system before interfering with the unit.