Are Your Residential Air Conditioning Costs Skyrocketing?

Posted on: 19 September 2017

It is not uncommon for your air conditioning bills to spike during the summer or the winter as you require considerably more cooling and heating to keep the interior of your house comfortable. However, what some homeowners may not realise is the amount of money going down the drain just because their air conditioning system is not performing as it should be. Either mechanical problems in the unit or environmental factors right within your home could cause these skyrocketing air conditioning related bills. Read on for some of the reasons why your residential air conditioning costs could be skyrocketing.

The air in your home is stale

When your home starts to feel stuffy and congested, chances are you will run the air conditioning at a lower setting to get rid of the humidity in the atmosphere. This approach is fine if it is atmospheric moisture that is making the air in your home clammy. Nevertheless, some people make the mistake of assuming their air is stuffy when in actuality it is simply stale.

Stale air typically indicates that there is an undetected mould infestation in your home, so you may want to have this inspected and abated before the spores become widespread in your residence.

Conversely, the stale air may be due to mould breeding directly inside your air conditioning unit. Luckily, duct cleaning and AC maintenance should eliminate this. Strategically placed dehumidifiers can also help in decreasing your air conditioning bill as the air in your property will be significantly less clammy.

Your insulation is compromised

Another reason why air conditioning related costs might begin to rise steadily is if your insulation has become compromised. Depending on the age of your residence, your insulation may be old and may require replacement. However, if you are not monitoring how well your home protects you from thermal loss and gain, you will find you are subconsciously making up for the deficit in insulation by cranking up the air conditioning.

As a result, your electricity costs become higher as the thermal protection of your home decreases. It would be advisable to hire contractors to check the condition of your current insulation and replace it as necessary.

Moreover, you can also consider energy efficient add-ons to your home such as double glazed windows, UV resistant shutters and more that can help in reducing the degree of thermal loss or gain that your residence is exposed to. 

Hire residential air conditioning services if you're worried about how your current system is functioning.