Reasons to Invest the Extra Cash in a Ducted Air Conditioning System

Posted on: 11 September 2017

The most common approach people take when considering a new air conditioning system is collecting quotes for the different systems in the market. In your search, you will notice that ducted air conditioning systems will typically have a higher price tag when compared to ductless varieties. Nevertheless, this should not put you off from purchasing ducted air conditioning even if your budget is a top concern. What you should keep in mind is that the long-term benefits of having a ducted system would significantly make up for the initial purchase price of the unit. Read on to find out a few of the reasons why you should invest the extra cash in a ducted air conditioning system.

Ducted systems give you complete temperature control

The top reason why ducted systems remain an attractive option for Australian homeowners is the fact that they provide your residence with a complete heating and cooling solution. Ducted systems are capable of achieving this because your residence is demarcated into various zones, each with their individual air conditioning settings. Nonetheless, by no means does this imply that you lose control of the ambient temperature settings. Having a ducted system makes it easier for you to optimise each zoned space depending on your needs. For instance, if a guest room is not in use, you can opt to not air conditioning that space, which decreases the energy consumption of your home.

Ducted systems prevent the development of hot and cold spots

If you have significant square footage in your home, experiencing hot and cold spots in different parts of the residence can be an everyday occurrence. These hot and cold spots are prevalent during the summer and winter when there are drastic temperature changes. Draughts in your home or high humidity can make it quite uncomfortable to spend time indoors. To counter these hot and cold spots, you would be best advised to choose a ducted system to keep the temperature variance at a minimum. With the zonal heating and cooling, you can be assured that there will be a decrease in the temperature differential being experienced indoors.

Ducted systems provide you with inaudible air conditioning

The noise generated by HVAC system is not one of the crucial concerns homeowners bear in mind when in search of a unit. It is when they have had it installed and are trying to get some sleep with the AC on that they realise how loud their unit really is. If you are a light sleeper or do not want your peace and quiet punctuated by the buzzing of your AC unit, you should consider a ducted system. Ducted units have decreased operational noise since their equipment is fitted underneath the flooring, inside wall cavities or in the ceiling, hence muting the sound they emit.