Tips to Keep Commercial Cool Rooms Running Well for Longer

Posted on: 30 August 2017

A cool room installation is an ideal option for businesses that need to keep large quantities of food stock well-refrigerated. However, unexpected downtime can lead to spoiled and wasted stock, causing businesses owners to incur huge financial losses. Businesses that rely on cool rooms to cater to their cooling needs can enjoy reliable cooling service by taking proper care of their equipment. Here is a breakdown of things that can be done to keep commercial cool rooms in good working condition:

Keeping tabs on cool room temperatures.

Temperature is a good measure of how efficiently a cool room is performing. Ideally, the cool room should operate within the desired temperature range until the temperature settings are changed. However, it is not uncommon for temperature irregularities to occur in the course of normal cool room operation. For that reason, it is important for businesses to check and record the temperature inside their cool rooms after every few hours. This will ensure that any temperature irregularities are identified and remedied as soon as possible.

Keeping the cool room fully stocked.

Commercial cool rooms operate most efficiently when they are well-stocked. However, businesses must be careful not to overstock their refrigeration units. A cool room that is overstocked with food items will not be able to run at peak efficiency because the proper flow of cool air within the unit will be inhibited. To avoid understocking or overstocking of cool rooms, businesses must accurately assess how much refrigeration space they need and how well they can use it so as to avoid costs resulting from deterioration on units.

Keeping the cool room spick-and-span.

Keeping cool rooms clean and tidy is critical to maintaining proper hygiene, but also making sure that the units keep running efficiently for as long as possible. With that said, businesses should make regular cleaning part of the routine maintenance program for their cool rooms. The cleaning should include the interiors of the unit, but also vital components such as the condenser coils, blades, and motors. The cleaning should be carried out in line with the instructions given by the cool room manufacturer.

Practising the above-elaborated tips will go a long way in ensuring businesses get reliable service from their commercial cool rooms. The best way to keep commercial cool rooms running at peak efficiency, however, is to ask a qualified HVAC technician to provide maintenance and repair service at regular intervals.